An encrypted file sharing solution eases the pain for IT administrators without blowing the budget

That’s the headline that every IT administrator wants to hear, but is it possible? Yes if your organisation is using Cryptshare.

With Cryptshare anyone within your organisation can exchange large files of up to 2GB with anybody they need to and between many kinds of devices enhancing mobility and taking pressure off your e-mail system.

All you require is Internet access, a browser and an e-mail account.  In addition Cryptshare provide a simplified solution for Microsoft Outlook and IBM Lotus Notes e-mail client users.

All transfers are strongly encrypted and can as an option be made even more secure with authentication using passwords.

Cryptshare is also a two way street, where You can allow access for your customers, clients and business partners enabling them to transfer files back to you into your e-mail domain without creating user accounts or complex encryption algorithms.

Since Cryptshare is part of your IT infrastructure, you’re in control of all file transfers and the policies used to administer these.

The user interface that your team see can be customised with your company branding using a simple configurator so you can easily integrate Cryptshare into your web site or intranet making it widely available.

With policy settings you can define who can use the system and in which way. For example you can allow all of your employees to be able to send to the world or only to certain recipients. It is up to you and your policies.

The below video is of an interview with Angus Macrae, Information Security Manager of Cornwall County Council, where they have implemented Cryptshare successfully.  Angus explains the reasons for looking for solutions in this area and their experience with Cryptshare.

If this sounds like a solution worth considering you can gain access to a trial version and speak to someone about the options.

For more information on Cryptshare and other technology solutions for business, including where you can purchase from, request information here:

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