Linux use among the world’s largest enterprises continues to grow

The Linux Foundation, in partnership with Yeoman Technology Group, recently conducted an invitation-only survey of 1893 enterprise Linux users. The survey pool was comprised of The Linux Foundation End User Council, as well as other companies, organisations and government agencies selected by The Linux Foundation and Yeoman.

A paper was published in January this year, which reported on the findings of that survey, with a focus on the 428 respondents who work for organisations with sales of more than $500 million or 500+ employees.

The survey results show that Linux use among the world’s largest enterprises continues to grow.

Eighty-four percent of respondents report that their organisations have expanded Linux usage in the last 12 months, with 82% planning on continuing that expansion into the year ahead. The 5-year outlook indicates an even longer-term commitment to the platform among 79.8% of Linux users surveyed, who say the use of Linux in their company or organisation will increase relative to other operating systems during this time period.

Who uses Linux?

Well the answer is that pretty much everyone uses Linux in one form or another. It’s embedded in everyday devices such as your phone and cash machines. Linux can be found in 75% of stock exchanges and used on 95% of Super Computers.

What’s made Linux so popular with businesses?

Stability, Scalability, Security, Cost Saving, Innovation and No Vendor Lock In.   Linux is constantly evolving and leveraging emerging technologies in the operating system space and customers get innovative features in a short span of time.  Linux operates better on large, multi-processor servers that support hundreds or even thousands of concurrent end-users.  The superior security makes Linux appealing to the growing list of organisations that have rather recently become more security-conscious. You won’t have to worry about proprietary vendor lock-in with Linux, so you won’t be operating at the mercy of a single supplier who could be forcing your costs up. This will give you the ability to make dramatic cost savings when compared to Solaris or other proprietary operating systems. What’s more, the fundamentally different Open Source development model allows you to get what they need rather than make do with what’s been given to you.

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