SMBs still need to improve when it comes to offsite data backup

Local SMBs are feeling more confident than ever about their ability to backup and recover data after a disaster, but one-third still aren’t employing an offsite backup strategy, despite experiencing a year marred by flooding and cyclones.

According to the Acronis Global Disaster Recovery Index 2012, while Australian SMBs confidence about their ability to recover data after a disaster remains below average, it more than doubled in 2011, growing 136 percent.

This report may be on Australian SMB’s but these figures don’t differ much across the globe. 

Underlying this rise is perceived improvements about having the right resources and the technologies to recover data. Confidence in these two criteria more than doubled over the past 12 months.

Another contributing factor to the increase is that 66 percent of SMBs now check their backup and disaster recovery plans more regularly, possibly as a result of the natural disasters which hit many regions in 2011, including destructive flooding in Australia, Brazil and Thailand, deadly earthquakes in New Zealand and Turkey, storms across the United States and the devastating tsunami in Japan.

The survey also found downtime as a result of disaster-related data loss costs a business an average of US$366,363 per year – which can mean the difference between a business’ survival and closure in many cases.


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