Two powerful products integrated together to give Network Engineers the ideal firewall management solution

While most security and network engineers still prefer using the CLI, the need to manage configurations from a single console that works with multiple vendors and device types has several operational benefits. Firewall solution provider, Athena Security have integrated Athena FirePAC with the SolarWinds Orion Network Configuration Manager (NCM) product to offer you the most operations-friendly firewall management solution anywhere.

Using these two products together, you have the safety of daily backups and configuration change monitoring plus intelligence for determining the most optimal changes. The combination is more powerful, affordable and flexible than what you can do with typical firewall vendor management consoles.

Video – Firewall Management Using SolarWinds Orion NCM and Athena FirePAC

Athena FirePAC retrieves the latest configurations stored in Orion NCM to provide comprehensive policy validation. FirePAC Impact Analysis allows you to not only compare the rule and object definitions pre and post-change, but it will also help you predict how IP traffic will be handled by the firewall. You’ll know exactly what a rule or object does in just a few simple clicks and gain a dramatically easier way to locate what can be re-used for making changes.

If you are struggling with a bloated and cumbersome rulebase, FirePAC Rule and Object Cleanup allows you to simplify your objects and eliminate rule clutter to improve manageability and performance. Once you have run the analysis, you can automatically generate cleanup scripts in the CLI format, with extensive comments, so you can quickly deploy them to the devices.

You can try both products for free and learn first-hand how this solution will save you loads of time managing your network environment.

To extend your SolarWinds Orion NCM + FirePAC solution even further, check out how you can get even greater value by adding Security Audit and PCI Compliance to your component bundle.

For more information on Athena, SolarWinds and other technology solutions for business, including where you can purchase from, request information here:

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