Finding it difficult to assess your organisations firewall rules?

It is common for Network Engineers to find it difficult and time consuming to assess firewall rule sets to determine rule necessities and security risks.

Current rules could be:

  • Error-prone – redundant or no longer provide any benefit
  • Security risks – badly configured rules can allow unwanted traffic or intruders onto your network
  • Expensive to manage – require shorter cycle time and improvements to rulebase implementation process

Implementing Athena FirePAC alongside your existing NCM installation allows you to fully automate your firewall management and synchronise security across your whole firewall estate.

Athena FirePAC is flexible, available in a variety of bundle  options and includes many different tools to meet your firewall management needs including:

PCI Audit – Make PCI reporting easy – FirePAC identifies specific technical checks for PCI control items to allow you to secure your network but also allows you to prove your network is secure

Rulebase Cleanup – Analysis of your rules to remove redundant rules or rules that are not in line with your security policy – this speeds up traffic and removes risk

Change Advisor – Perform sophisticated packet tests using the same parameters contained in a simple change request form to identify the impact of changes before they are made and therefore reduce downtime caused by firewall config changes

You can find more information with the below downloadable resouces including a free white paper on Effective Solutions for Firewall Management’

For more information on Kerio products and promotions as well as other technology solutions for business, including where you can purchase from, request information here

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