Global Stock Exchanges use Red Hat Linux Enterprise because of its reliability, scalability and performance.

The worldwide financial services industry is a prominent example of Red Hat’s leadership.  Customers in this sector quickly realised the value of open source software and Red Hat Enterprise Linux.  Stock exchanges around the world – from NYSE Euronext to the Tokyo Stock Exchange – deploy Red Hat Enterprise Linux because of its reliability, scalability and performance.  Today, 28 stock exchanges across 24 countries run Red Hat Enterprise Linux to handle more than 50 percent of the world’s trading volume.

Recommended video interview below with Steve Rubinow, CIO of NYSE Euronext, where he talks about why the NYSE chooses Red Hat solutions for flexibility and reliable, fast-paced performance.

Red Hat take their commitment to meeting the security needs of customers seriously because they know that security is a key evaluation criterion for our customers running high-intensity, mission-critical stock exchange environments. NYSE Euronext turned to Red Hat Enterprise Linux for a high-speed, cost-effective platform that offers freedom from vendor lock-in and strong security capabilities.

For more information on Red Hat and promotions as well as other technology solutions for business, including where you can purchase from, request information here

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