What is EAP and why should you consider upgrading to EAP6?

EAP is the industry-leading applications server platform for the development and deployment of next-generation enterprise Java™ applications. EAP6 is more agile than any previous version. It enables the development of cloud-ready, enterprise-class and transaction-intensive applications.

EAP6 has been created with next-generation applications and the cloud in mind. It’s highly-efficient, modular architecture and flexible management enable faster, more accurate and consistent development and deployment, right across the organisation. As such, EAP6 delivers improved productivity, enhanced stability and lower cost.

So, you are interested and want to know more, what next?

You can download a white paper from Advanced365 that will give you an overview of the benefits of JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6 (EAP6) from both a management and a technical perspective. It will help current both users of earlier versions of EAP, and those who have deployed alternative development platforms, to understand the advantages of stepping up to EAP6.

For more information about EAP6 as well as other technology solutions for business and public sector organisations, including where you can purchase from, contact us today

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