Postgres TechXperts FREE Technical Workshop on 20th November in London to learn how to reduce your database costs & increase ROI

At T4B, we really appreciate it when events are organised to bring together the community of users of technologies we feature to learn, play and discuss their experiences.  Postgres TechXperts is doing just that and here is the official invite that we are extending out to you.

Join Postgres TechXperts for a FREE Technical Workshop on Tuesday 20th November, at the One Aldwych Hotel London.

In this hands-on, technical session you will have the unique opportunity to explore Postgres Enterprise Manager®, and learn how you can leverage the Oracle® compatibility features within Postgres Plus Advanced Server® to reduce your database costs and increase Return on Investment (ROI).

  • Discover how to manage, monitor and tune PostgreSQL servers remotely, from a single console, using EnterpriseDBs Postgres Enterprise Manager.
  • Learn about EnterpriseDBs Oracle compatibility layer within Postgres Plus Advanced Server; explore use migration scenarios, and see a sample migration in a live demo environment.
  • Talk to Dave Page, A Core Team Member of the PostgreSQL project and Chief Architect at EnterpriseDB.

This is the first Postgres TechXperts workshop, designed to bring together PostgreSQL users to exchange ideas and interact with enterprise-class postgreSQL technologies. Places are limited and we expect attendance to be high, so register now.

For more information on EnterpriseDB and other technology solutions for business and public sector organisations, including where you can purchase from, contact us today

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