Kerio Technologies Updates its UTM Security Appliance for Cloud and Virtual Networks

Kerio Technologies this week announced Kerio Control 7.4, which adds VLAN support for easier network management of cloud, virtualised,and large environments. As corporate networks become more advanced and more stressed with employees adding their own devices, IT administrators are working hard to keep their network securely behind the firewall. Kerio Control 7.4 enables network admins to use VLANs to separate a large network into smaller, isolated segments, without incorporating additional switches or routers.                                                              Click image to enlarge

“Kerio Control 7.4 comes at a time when corporate networks are going through interesting changes. Everything from virtualization and cloud, to IPv6 has an impact on security,” said James Gudeli, vice president of business development, Kerio Technologies. “We have made a great deal of investment in new features that support these advanced networks and IT environments while still meeting the needs of our legacy customers.”

As Kerio Control has diverged from its Windows software version to Linux, we have created a Hyper-V software appliance so customers in Windows invested environments can still test and deploy the Linux software appliance on the Hypervisor.

Kerio Web Filter, an optional module of Kerio Control that prevents users from visiting websites that are known to contain malicious content, has been upgraded with HTTPS and embedded URL filtering. This ensures the network is not exposed by employees using encrypted Web connections or by accessing approved sites with embedded links to view inappropriate content.

Redesigned Kerio Control Statistics

Formerly Kerio StaR, the new Kerio Control statistics interface has a fresh new look along with support for groups, user photos and better rights management for accessing statistics and email reports. Administrators now have the flexibility to specify which groups to gather statistics for, assign group statistics access to any user (a director or VP for example) regardless of their group membership, and even allow users to access their own statistics data or email reports. Imagine your teams’ productivity gains if they could see just how much of their internet activity you are monitoring. Now that’s powerful.                                            Click image to enlarge

Admin Dashboard

The admin Dashboard, which is displayed as the default “home” screen upon login, provides admins with easy access to important system and license information, system health charts, traffic charts, connection status, bandwidth utilization, top active hosts and more. The Dashboard is completely customizable using a modular “tile” concept – admins can select which tiles to display and arrange tiles as they like on the dashboard page. Admins will also appreciate the redesigned charts and the new problem/alert notifications.                                                                                                                                                                  Click image to enlarge

Other Improvements

  • Allowing of incoming IPv6 connections
  • Improved charts
  • Better notification of problems
  • NTLM improvements

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