WEBINAR: Find out what users are doing on your Network

Users interact with the network in many different ways during an average day. They visit websites, send and receive email, download files from the Internet, upload photos and videos, perform online backups, and more. They can also — usually unwittingly — expose the network and themselves to intrusions, malware, viruses, phishing attacks, and other security risks.

Good visibility into user activity on your network can help you to troubleshoot problems when they arise; in many cases, it can help you to anticipate problems and prevent them from arising.

Join NetFort  on December 6th at 15:00 GMT for a webinar presented by Head of Technical Services at NetFort, Darragh Delaney that will give you valuable insight into exactly what users could be doing on your network.

During the webinar, NetFort will show you how to monitor different areas of the network including:

  • Sources of user data
  • Network traffic on the LAN and WAN
  • Internet activity
  • File shares
  • Mobile devices

Register today to reserve your seat.

About LANGuardian

LANGuardian captures and analyzes the traffic flowing through your network switch, stores it in a database, and displays the details in a web browser.

Offering a depth of insight into network activity that is unmatched by products costing ten times as much, LANGuardian helps network administrators troubleshoot bandwidth issues right across the network, perform network forensics on past events, investigate activity on Windows file shares, and keep track of user activity on the Internet.

The list of things you can do with LANGuardian is endless. Every customer finds unique ways to use it, solving problems they cannot solve with other tools.

You can deploy LANGuardian on any size of network, from a small office to a global enterprise.

LANGuardian deployment with multiple core switches

For more information on NetFort LANGuardian and other technology solutions for business and public sector organisations, including where you can purchase from, contact us today

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