TechXperts Red Hat OpenShift Enterprise Workshop on 7th May in London

Join TechXperts for a FREE Technical Workshop on Tuesday 7th May, at Red Hat’s London office.

In this hands-on, technical workshop you will get the unique opportunity to explore Red Hat OpenShift Enterprise – the new Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution that allows you to easily build, run, and manage applications in the cloud.

  • Learn about Red Hat OpenShift Enterprise. Discover how to automate IT processes to streamline application service delivery, increase developer efficiency, and use your application infrastructure more effectively.
  • See the technology in action, with a Red Hat Solutions Architect demonstrating advanced features, such as Scalability, Monitoring and Deployment.
  • Share your thoughts and ideas. Find out what others think about the new technology, and talk through your ideas with a Red Hat Solutions Architect.

This is the first of two workshops within the current TechXperts series, focusing on Red Hat’s cloud computing solutions.

Places are limited, so learn more and register now to avoid disappointment.

TechXperts Red Hat Satellite Workshop

TechXperts brings together IT professionals to interact with leading technology vendors.

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