TechXperts Red Hat OpenShift Enterprise Workshop on 7th May in London

Join TechXperts for a FREE Technical Workshop on Tuesday 7th May, at Red Hat’s London office.

In this hands-on, technical workshop you will get the unique opportunity to explore Red Hat OpenShift Enterprise – the new Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution that allows you to easily build, run, and manage applications in the cloud.

  • Learn about Red Hat OpenShift Enterprise. Discover how to automate IT processes to streamline application service delivery, increase developer efficiency, and use your application infrastructure more effectively.
  • See the technology in action, with a Red Hat Solutions Architect demonstrating advanced features, such as Scalability, Monitoring and Deployment.
  • Share your thoughts and ideas. Find out what others think about the new technology, and talk through your ideas with a Red Hat Solutions Architect.

This is the first of two workshops within the current TechXperts series, focusing on Red Hat’s cloud computing solutions.

Places are limited, so learn more and register now to avoid disappointment.

TechXperts Red Hat Satellite Workshop

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Windows application deployment can be done 90% faster

Bundle Commander simplifies the configuration and management of Windows applications with Novell ZENworks Configuration Management

Administrators spend a lot of time configuring switches and settings in order to make the deployment of Windows applications on the network as efficient and fast as possible. Many of the parameters are available in the knowledge base of IT Ninja, formerly, but the Bundle Commander tool automatically creates a “Windows Bundle” with a wizard in ZENworks Configuration Management. Where previously the system and desktop admins spent a half day figuring out all the correct settings, the tool creates a Windows Bundle in less than ten minutes. This automated deployment method also increases consistency. ROVABU CEO Roel van Bueren: “Everyone who purchases the product will have a guaranteed uniform Windows applications deployment.”

Two versions

The beta version of the product became available in August of last year, after which around 500 beta testers from Australia, the United States, Canada, the Netherlands, Austria and the United Kingdom had a first look at Bundle Commander. Eventually, ROVABU chose to launch two different versions: the free Standard Edition and Professional Edition, which comes with an annual license. “The free version is the community version, which helps administrators to find the correct switches and settings on,” says Van Bueren. The Professional version contains the Configuration Wizards and support for the most common Windows applications from Adobe, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Novell and and integrated with the ‘Packaging Robot’ solution of BRAIN FORCE.

“The big advantage is not only that all of the settings for a large number of common applications are already configured, but also the fact that the research on what settings would be most useful to your organization has already been done,” says beta tester Tom Dalderup, IT Manager at TV Rijnmond.

Video : Deploying Windows Software with ZENworks 11

Dutch pride

Van Bueren is proud of the product. “It is great that we, as a Dutch company, are able to collaborate with a site like, which is the largest information website in the world for package and deployment specialists.” Emiel den Brok, IT Specialist at the Province of Noord-Brabant and one of the beta testers: “It is clear that Bundle Commander is the response to the community’s needs instead of a supplier’s.” The tool saves Den Brok a great deal of time in the ZCM migration project that is currently underway at the Province. “Bundle Commander automates tasks that are normally performed manually. This saves a lot of time and effort.”

Schools were also enthusiastic about the tool, adds ROVABU CEO Van Bueren: “Schools have limited time and budget, so every tool that is both affordable and decreases the amount of administration is welcomed with open arms.”

Dirk Schmidt, Vice President & General Manager Novell EMEA: “I’m very excited about the Bundle Commander Release. The Novell ZENworks team worked closely with ROVABU Software BV to make this a high quality product and to get an optimal integration with Novell ZENworks Configuration Management. This is a perfect example of Novell’s commitment and that of its partners to optimize the value customers derive from their current investments and to provide compelling reasons to extend their Novell investment to meet their evolving business objectives.”

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