WEBINAR: Finding the Top Users of Bandwidth on Your Network

If there is one question on the lips of network managers across the world, it is:

How do I find the top users of bandwidth on my network NetFort Webinar Technology4Business

How do they find the top users of bandwidth on their networks?

It is always recommend that finding the top users of bandwidth can be broken down into two steps. First, you need to gain visibility into what is happening on the network; then you need to associate this with usernames

We invite you to join us for a free webinar with Darragh Delaney and Aising Dillon or NetFort Technologies who will show you how to find the the top users of bandwidth on your network.

Webinar Agenda:

1) Sources of user data on computer networks
2) What you need to be logging in Active Directory
3) Associating packet and flow data with usernames
4) Finding out where user devices are plugged into your network

Approximately 30 Minutes.

Darragh Delaney (Head of Technical Services)
Aising Dillon (Head of NetFort Support)

Use the following links to register:
Thursday 21 Feb. 14:00 (GMT):  https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/366186257
Thursday 21 Feb. 17:00 (GMT):  https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/708329745

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Add Deep Packet Traffic Analysis and Integrated User Information seamlessly embedded into your Orion Dashboards

With NetFort LANGuardian you can see what’s happening on your network, including user activity, file and database queries, intrusion attempts, bandwidth usage, and Internet access – down to user and file level!   

  • Troubleshoot and solve network issues fast by drilling deeper into traffic-based information about individual users, files, web pages, and applications.
  • Manage bandwidth consumption easily by identifying the specific users, applications and websites that are consuming bandwidth on a virtual network, LAN, WAN or Internet link.
  • Manage Microsoft® file share activity by identifying the users who have accessed specific files, and report on which files have been deleted and by whom!

Download your FREE 30-day trial today, or request a call back to discover how you can add deep packet traffic analysis and integrated user information to your SolarWinds Orion implementation to easily monitor devices, activity and users – from a single pane of glass!

Watch the video below to learn more about NetFort LANGuardian and SolarWinds Orion Integration

You can follow Technology4Business on LinkedinTwitter and Facebook, where we’ll keep you up to date on our  latest blog posts on Technology to help keep your IT Infrastructure and Network secure, safe and always connected.