TechXperts Red Hat OpenShift Enterprise Workshop on 7th May in London

Join TechXperts for a FREE Technical Workshop on Tuesday 7th May, at Red Hat’s London office.

In this hands-on, technical workshop you will get the unique opportunity to explore Red Hat OpenShift Enterprise – the new Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution that allows you to easily build, run, and manage applications in the cloud.

  • Learn about Red Hat OpenShift Enterprise. Discover how to automate IT processes to streamline application service delivery, increase developer efficiency, and use your application infrastructure more effectively.
  • See the technology in action, with a Red Hat Solutions Architect demonstrating advanced features, such as Scalability, Monitoring and Deployment.
  • Share your thoughts and ideas. Find out what others think about the new technology, and talk through your ideas with a Red Hat Solutions Architect.

This is the first of two workshops within the current TechXperts series, focusing on Red Hat’s cloud computing solutions.

Places are limited, so learn more and register now to avoid disappointment.

TechXperts Red Hat Satellite Workshop

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Adoption of Virtualisation Predicted to be Highest amongst SMB’s in 2012

According to new research from Acronis, small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) around the world are planning to adopt server virtualisation in 2012 at a faster pace than large enterprises. However, the survey also identified widespread backup and disaster recovery shortcomings for virtual servers amongst SMBs. Meanwhile, previous enthusiasm for cloud infrastructure has, at least so far, failed to turn into reality.

IT managers at 6,000 SMBs in 18 countries were surveyed for the Acronis Global Disaster Recovery Index 2012. They predict that 29% of their servers will be virtualised by the end of the year, a growth rate of 21%. This is 50% higher than the pace identified in a recent Gartner* report that predicted virtualisation adoption by enterprises is to increase by 14% over the same period.

In the UK, virtualisation adoption is predicted to increase by 63%, with virtual machines accounting for almost a third (31%) of SMB servers by the end of 2012. A mere 13% of organisations in the UK still have no virtual servers in their current IT infrastructure.

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Database-as-a-service environments now a viable option for organisations

Postgres Plus Cloud Database allows service providers and organisations to offer elastic and highly scalable database-as-a-service (DBaaS) environments while freeing DBAs and application developers from the rigors of setting up and administering modern and robust database environments.

In minutes, Cloud Database configures new Postgres database clusters with:

  • Rotating user-scheduled backups
  • Streaming replication
  • Self-healing high-availability
  • Automatic failover
  • Load balancing

EnterpriseDB have compiled a guide that demonstrates how to use the Cloud Database interface successfully in your cloud-based database management activities.

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Kerio Launches Connect 7.3, a Complete, Platform Agnostic, and Mobile Aware Messaging Server

An Alternative Email Solution to Microsoft Exchange and Google Apps, Kerio Connect 7.3 Provides Flexibility to the Midsize Organisations

Kerio Technologies, Inc. announced Kerio Connect 7.3, the latest release of its messaging and collaboration server that provides email, contacts and calendar management to more than 50,000 organisations worldwide. With deployment options for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, VMware and Parallels, Kerio Connect is ready to run in virtually any in-house or private cloud customer environment.

Scott Schreiman, CEO of Kerio Technologies said of the release “Kerio Connect 7.3 is designed for the messaging needs and IT budgets of organisations, with 50-500 employees”

Kerio Connect 7.3 Overview Video

Kerio Connect 7.3 is an alternative that gives organisations everything they need for secure business communication. Not only does the product give employees the freedom to access their email via any smartphone or email programme they want, but it allows businesses to choose where they are most comfortable storing their email.

Kerio Connect 7.3 comes with built-in anti-spam, backup, and archiving and available integrated ant-virus. Kerio Connect starts at £310 for five users, additional users start at £17.

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