EVENT: SolarWinds Technology Preview Day on board the HMS Belfast in London

We have exciting news of an event on board the HMS Belfast for the IT Management community.


Iconic HMS Belfast and Tower Bridge

Join SolarWinds and Interactive Ideas on Friday 8th February on board the iconic British battleship HMS Belfast, to explore the new and exciting additions to SolarWinds’ Award-Winning IT Management solutions.

In this FREE Technology Preview Day, you will discover how to leverage SolarWinds to overcome the most complex challenges affecting your IT department:

  • Learn all about the new SolarWinds developments, and get a sneak peek into some of the upcoming features and releases happening this year!
  • Hear how the University of Warwick has solved their IT management challenges, whilst generating greater Return on Investment with SolarWinds.
  • Explore the technology in a live demo environment, with a team of SolarWinds System Engineers on-hand to demonstrate key features and answer your questions.

As a special promotion, everybody that attends will receive a 25% SolarWinds discount voucher! Places are limited and we expect attendance to be high, so click here to learn more about the event and register now.

We look forward to seeing you there.

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Kerio Workspace saves time and puts the school back in control

WESTCLIFF HIGH SCHOOL FOR GIRLS takes technology seriously. In 2003, it became the UK’s first girls’ school to gain science and engineering status. Now it has over 1,000 pupils who need to connect to their work and each other.

During the summer term, staff and a small group of pupils experimented with Kerio Workspace, a tool for remote and collaborative working that gives everyone access to the most up-to-date documents.

The evaluation went so well, the entire school goes live with Workspace in the new academic year. According to the school’s Network Manager, Malcolm Moore, that’s when the application will be “really thrashed”.

Kerio Workspace layout

Click on the image to enlarge

Malcolm isn’t worried by that prospect. The look and feel of Kerio Workspace is similar to Kerio Connect, a mail server that’s so robust, it’s been running at Westcliff since 2005 “practically without failure”. The school isn’t just comfortable with Kerio, it has become part of day to day life. Staff no longer talk about ’email’ internally, they call it ‘Kerio’

Flexible collaboration

Before testing Kerio Workspace the school didn’t have any efficient tools for collaborative working.

“We have over 400 computers for students and 160 exclusively for staff. We have a virtual learning environment (VLE) but this can be complicated and it is very education specific. Workspace is much easier to use,” says Malcolm, “and operating-system agnostic. We chose it because we are moving to Linux. The staff use Windows and pupils are on Linux. Workspace works with both.”.

A popular choice

So far, Kerio Workspace has been a resounding success. If anything, the problem is stopping teachers using it too much. They have discovered that they can work on documents at home, share them with colleagues, and then revise them in time for use first thing on Monday morning.

Kerio Workspace has other advantages. Because it accepts all the standard document formats, it encourages staff and pupils to use them. In effect, it enforces the school’s policy against using obscure document formats.

Every document is owned by the school and held internally, so Westcliff can monitor its own policies on school conduct among staff and pupils. Thanks to Kerio Workspace and Kerio Connect if there’s ever any doubt about who said or wrote what, the school has easy access to documents and emails that support the story.

In September, Workspace will also put pupils in control. It doesn’t matter where they are – at school, at home, away on holiday – they can work on the latest version of their own projects without fear of duplication or data loss.

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