Kerio Gives Customers Access to a Scalable and Headache Free Email Experience with Kerio Connect 8



Kerio Technologies have launched a new cloud service infrastructure for its partners and customers.

Although Kerio previously enabled its channel partners to host Kerio Connect on their own hardware using the SaaS model, this marks Kerio’s first major push into true, hosted infrastructure services. The first Kerio Cloud offering will be the company’s flagship product, Kerio Connect 8, a messaging (email) and calendaring server.

Unlike cloud email solutions such as Microsoft Office 365 or Google Apps, Kerio offers its customers a private cloud experience, which in turn allows them more control over their own data.

“Pundits have touted cloud services and predicted the demise Scott Schreiman CEO Kerio Technologiesof on-premise solutions for a few years now,” said Scott Schreiman, CEO, Kerio Technologies. “While customer data suggests that onsite servers are still very popular, we think Kerio Cloud is the most secure and flexible solution for the IT guy that is looking for an alternative, but is still evaluating the cloud. Our private cloud not only eliminates the need for partners to carry the hardware burden, it allows them to focus their energy on adding value instead of worrying about the availability of email services.”

The way it works: Kerio Cloud is a hosted infrastructure service that allows Kerio partners to resell Kerio “Software as a Service” to their end customers, eliminating the need to purchase and maintain their own server environments. Kerio will provide its partners with private virtual machines running Kerio Connect 8 in the cloud with some basic configuration. The Kerio partner will take it from thereWalter Huff Huff Technologies, acting as the primary administrator and support contact for their clients.

“We have long offered Kerio Connect as an alternative to Exchange and Google Apps,” said Walter Huff, president of Huff Technologies, a Kerio preferred partner in Jacksonville, Florida. “As email has moved to the cloud, I was anxious to participate in the Kerio Cloud beta program, and after testing with my clients, I can report that the reliability, security and ease of administration rivals any other email service on the market.”

Kerio Connect 8 features the new Kerio Connect client, which is a completely redesigned Webmail experience that has been rebuilt from the ground up to deliver the performance and experience users expect from a modern web application. Email, calendars, contacts, tasks and notes are fully functional in the Kerio Connect client.

In addition to this new cloud offering, Kerio Connect 8 continues to be available as an on-premise server solution and through our existing SaaS hosting partners.

About Kerio Technologies, Inc.
Innovating in Internet security since 1997, Kerio Technologies, Inc. provides unified collaboration, communications and security solutions for businesses and organisations worldwide that prefer a simple approach to IT.

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snom endpoints with Kerio Operator gives small and medium-size businesses a complete, end-to-end voice solution

snom technology AG, a leading developer of IP desktop phones and communications solutions, has recently announced interoperability with Kerio Operator an IP PBX phone system from Kerio Technologies.  snom VoIP endpoints can now be auto provisioned through Kerio Operator, enabling quick and easy installation and no-hassle management directly from the PBX. The following snom models are currently certified for the Kerio Operator solution: the snom 300, snom 320, snom 370, snom 710, snom 720, snom 760, snom 821 and snom 870 desktop phones; the snom M9 cordless DECT handset; the snom Meeting Point conference phone; and the snom PA1 public announcement system.

Combining snom endpoints with Kerio Operator gives small and medium-size businesses (SMBs) a complete, end-to-end voice solution.  Kerio Operator customers will gain access to the full range of snom endpoint phones to meet any staff requirement or business requirement.

“snom produces a dependable lineup of stylish, high performance desktop VoIP phones, including conference and public announcement systems and a cordless DECT handset that offer exception value to SMBs,” said James Gudeli, Vice President of Business Development at Kerio Technologies Inc. “We worked closely with snom to test their endpoints with Kerio Operator, and the validation process went smoothly. VARs will appreciate the seamless auto provisioning of these devices with Kerio Operator, whether building a phone system from the ground up or simply adding to an existing network.”

Kerio Operator is secure, flexible and can be set up and deployed within minutes. The system improves voice communications, controls telephony costs and allows users to stay connected anywhere, providing simplicity for employees and IT administrators.

Kerio Operator utilizes the industry-standard SIP VoIP protocol, is compatible with any snom IP phone, and will auto-configure with all snom endpoints.

“snom is committed to interoperability with a large number of SIP-based platforms and is pleased to have successfully completed the testing process with Kerio Operator’s premises-based and software solutions,” said Dr. Michael Knieling, snom technology AG Chief Operating Officer. “The ease of deployment and auto provisioning of snom endpoints with Kerio Operator is advantageous for both VARs and end customers looking for a complete IP telephony deployment.”

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Kerio Workspace saves time and puts the school back in control

WESTCLIFF HIGH SCHOOL FOR GIRLS takes technology seriously. In 2003, it became the UK’s first girls’ school to gain science and engineering status. Now it has over 1,000 pupils who need to connect to their work and each other.

During the summer term, staff and a small group of pupils experimented with Kerio Workspace, a tool for remote and collaborative working that gives everyone access to the most up-to-date documents.

The evaluation went so well, the entire school goes live with Workspace in the new academic year. According to the school’s Network Manager, Malcolm Moore, that’s when the application will be “really thrashed”.

Kerio Workspace layout

Click on the image to enlarge

Malcolm isn’t worried by that prospect. The look and feel of Kerio Workspace is similar to Kerio Connect, a mail server that’s so robust, it’s been running at Westcliff since 2005 “practically without failure”. The school isn’t just comfortable with Kerio, it has become part of day to day life. Staff no longer talk about ’email’ internally, they call it ‘Kerio’

Flexible collaboration

Before testing Kerio Workspace the school didn’t have any efficient tools for collaborative working.

“We have over 400 computers for students and 160 exclusively for staff. We have a virtual learning environment (VLE) but this can be complicated and it is very education specific. Workspace is much easier to use,” says Malcolm, “and operating-system agnostic. We chose it because we are moving to Linux. The staff use Windows and pupils are on Linux. Workspace works with both.”.

A popular choice

So far, Kerio Workspace has been a resounding success. If anything, the problem is stopping teachers using it too much. They have discovered that they can work on documents at home, share them with colleagues, and then revise them in time for use first thing on Monday morning.

Kerio Workspace has other advantages. Because it accepts all the standard document formats, it encourages staff and pupils to use them. In effect, it enforces the school’s policy against using obscure document formats.

Every document is owned by the school and held internally, so Westcliff can monitor its own policies on school conduct among staff and pupils. Thanks to Kerio Workspace and Kerio Connect if there’s ever any doubt about who said or wrote what, the school has easy access to documents and emails that support the story.

In September, Workspace will also put pupils in control. It doesn’t matter where they are – at school, at home, away on holiday – they can work on the latest version of their own projects without fear of duplication or data loss.

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Complex IT creating demand for products and technologies that are simple to manage

The complexity of IT is creating demand for products and technologies that are much simpler to manage

It seems like everywhere anyone turns these days IT is getting more complex to manage. The question that begs then is whether there will soon be some sort of backlash against IT products that are overly complex. And if so, is this a trend that solution providers could capitalise on.

Certainly part of the interest in all things cloud and the consumerisation of IT has been a revolt among end users that are fed up with the inflexibility of IT. But it’s not like the internal IT organization doesn’t want to make end users happy; it’s just the complexity of managing the overall IT environment makes it difficult to respond adroitly to end user needs.

Against that backdrop there is a class of products that are much easier to manage than the offerings provided by the market share leaders in almost every category. Case in point is Kerio, a provider of a messaging and collaboration software platform that is a lot simpler to manage than better known alternatives such as Microsoft Exchange. Most recently, Kerio delivered version 7.4 of Kerio Connect, which adds support for the Apple iPad as a device through which administrators can remotely manage the Kerio environment.

Obviously, that has great appeal to any IT person that wants to use one of the hippest devices available today to deal with administrative issues either in the office or from the comfort of their living room.

According to James Gudeli, vice president of business development at Kerio Technologies, that simplicity story is starting to resonate with more customers, which in turn creates an opportunity for solution providers that are interested in changing the status quo.

Obviously, selling a messaging and collaboration platform against Microsoft in a “green field” account or to a smaller organization is a lot easier than trying to replace something like Microsoft Exchange in an enterprise account. But even in those accounts Gudeli says the desire to spend less time on maintenance work in favor of providing more value to the business is creating a climate where organizations are more willing to listen to alternative approaches. That approach, says Gudeli, has already resonated with 50,000 customers that are served by over 6,000 partners.

Given how short-handed most organisations these days are when it comes to IT personnel, throwing time and effort is no longer an acceptable approach to solving IT problems. Just about anything can be made to work, but when the amount of time needed to make something work increase the total cost of ownership of the IT environment skyrockets. Most organizations don’t do a particularly good job of measuring those costs, but intuitively they know that certain products and technologies don’t make the best use of their time. In addition, finding the people with the skills needed to manage those environments can be an expensive challenge for both the customer and solution provider alike.

What all this means is that simplicity has become a major selling point. Organisations don’t necessarily want to compromise functionality to achieve it. But the solution provider that puts together a portfolio of products that are simple to manage is going to be talking about an issue that has become a lot nearer and dearer to the hearts of customers everywhere.

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